At Glansa Skincare, we combine expertise in skincare, massage, and hair removal. Through our expertise and commitment to quality, we strive to give each client 'Glowing confidence'. We believe that true beauty comes from inner harmony and self-confidence, and that is exactly what our services aim to enhance.

Welcome to Glansa Skincare, your Skincare Clinic in Gothenburg!

Glansa Skincare welcomes you to our new location in collaboration with My Beauty Clinic Gothenburg, located at Engelbrektsgatan 22, 411 37. Gothenburg.

a woman getting a facial lift in glansa skincare
a woman getting a facial lift in glansa skincare


We are proud to offer a range of advanced treatments, including the groundbreaking Green Peel by Dr. Schrammek, effective microneedling with Dermapen 4, and the unique Microboost Hyaluronic Program by Cholley. Specializing in skin rejuvenation and treatment of hyperpigmentation, we use only the most effective methods to achieve radiant results.

Our Plasma Pen treatment with Plaxel Plus is perfect for those seeking non-surgical skin tightening, while our biorevitalizing needle-free peels with PRX-T33 and TPRX offer deep skin renewal. For a more traditional relaxation experience, indulge in our classic Swedish massage treatments, which provide tranquility and well-being.

Additionally, if you're looking for gentle and effective hair removal, our sugaring method is the perfect choice. All our treatments are performed by certified skincare experts with SHR and CIDESCO certification, so you can be assured of receiving the highest possible standard of care and expertise.

At Glansa Skincare, every treatment is tailored to suit your individual needs, and our motto 'Glowing confidence' permeates everything we do. We strive not only to improve your skin but also to boost your confidence and well-being. Book your appointment with us today and experience the difference with Glansa Skincare.


Welcome to the Glansa Skincare blog - your guide in the world of beauty and well-being! In our blog, we delve into the various aspects of beauty care and treatments we proudly offer in Gothenburg. From the beneficial effects of our advanced skincare, the deep relaxation offered by our professional massage, to the natural and effective method of sugar depilation - each post is carefully designed to provide you with valuable insights, useful advice, and expert knowledge.

Join us on an enlightening journey and discover the secrets behind each treatment, the latest beauty trends, and expert tips to help you achieve 'glowing confidence', both inside and out. Our blog is a resource for everyone, whether you're curious about beauty, a loyal customer, or just looking for tips to improve your beauty routine. Here on the Glansa Skincare blog, there's something for every beauty enthusiast. Become part of our community today and let's explore together all the dimensions of beauty.


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